Clumsy Hero Hack

Clumsy Hero Hack

Clumsy Hero Hack

Clumsy Hero is an action game, released for Android and iOS devices. It involves fighting with devils and dragons and protecting a kingdom. The game is developed by Orca Inc and can be played with one finger only. The size is around 49mb and also requires extra purchases in the app which needs money.

But when there’s a game, players will look for Clumsy Hero cheats in order to gain master control on the game. Several features in the game are locked, and many require payments in respective currencies for unlocking them, but many find it useless to spend their hard earned money on it, then our hack comes to the rescue.

Reasons Why the Hack or Cheats is needed:

The reason why players look for the hacks is because they find it useless to pay money to unlock several features, are unable to play properly with their own skills and also running out of money in the game. That’s the reason why we are providing a hack tool which will ensure easy gameplay.

Clumsy Hero Cheat Proof

Hacking the Game

In order to hack the game download free Clumsy Hero hack tool. The interface is simple and quick and to run the tool for the game, the following steps are to be followed,

  • Click on the download link and it will start shortly
  • Open the software folder and run it
  • Click on ‘Access online hack’ button
  • Enter the email or username which is used in the main game account
  • Connect the device using the data cable provided to the PC and turn on the game
  • Enter the quantity of coins and other things needed
  • Click on ‘Generate’; the process will take a few minutes

If the steps are followed and carried out properly, the gold, gems, and all the other features should be unlocked in a few minutes. Make sure the gold, gem quantity is equal to, or less than 1,00,000 or they game servers might detect the cheating, putting a ban on the account and blacklisting the devices. If you are also playing Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes then you can check our hack here.

Benefits from the Clumsy Hero Hack

  • Infinite Gold
  • Infinite gems
  • No root or Jailbreaks required
  • All characters unlocked
  • All features unlocked
  • No detection from game servers

Some Tips and Tricks to use during game play

If you plan on playing fair, these tips are helpful in making good progress in the game,

  1. Equip powerful weapons and other gears; it will help to kill enemies faster
  2. Use magic whenever possible. The heroes can’t use it, but the pets can and the gameplay will be easier
  3. When making attacks, maintain the timing and proper target, this will result in effective attacks and will help in avoiding getting hit and losing health on the player’s part
  4. Use attack and defend moves at the correct time in coordination to save health
  5. Resolve problems of people in the kingdom; it will result in fame and wealth gain
  6. Create a group, i.e. a guild as it will have different types of heroes to play with

How to Play Clumsy Hero

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