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Criminal Case Cheats Energy Cash Hack

Criminal Case cheats
Criminal Case is a detective type game of the genre, Puzzle. This game involved investigating crime scenes by finding out hidden objects. The game is available for Facebook, Android and iOS devices and was released in November 2015. This game attracts more than 10 million active monthly users.

But, this game also requires money, energy and other attributes to play. This calls the help for wikia trainers or apps which can tweak the game and load energy, wealth and other attributes to the game. Criminal Case Hack Tool 2016 is exactly what you are looking for. With this hack tool, you can easily complete missions with higher ratings.

Need for the Hack

The hacks are needed because many a times players find themselves with no money. As a result, they either uninstall the game or have to pay a certain amount to get money. Energy meter also empties and thus, the gameplay has to be given a break until it fills up again. Thus, we give you, Criminal Case Hack Tool 2016, you might also be interested in our hack for star wars galaxy of heroes.


criminal case hack

Hacking the Game on your phones

If you are playing the game on your Android or iOS based device, this is the way you can gain limitless coins, money, energy, etc. The steps are,

  • Click on the download link and the download will start shortly
  • Open the software folder and run the software
  • Click on ‘Access Online Hack’ button
  • Enter the email or username which is used in the main game account
  • Connect the device using the data cable provided to the PC and run the game on the phone
  • Enter the quantity of coins, money, and energy (make sure it is less than 100000 or the game server might detect it)
  • Click on ‘Generate’ button, and wait for a few minutes to get the job done.

If the game servers detect the hack, they will put a ban on the account or might even blacklist your device. We are not responsible for any actions taken against any player who follows the process above.

This hack can also be used in phones directly. The trainer on the phone will help detection of the hidden clues by tapping on any location on the screen whether the item is there or not.

Features of the Criminal Case Hack:

  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Wealth
  • No detection from game servers
  • Regular hassle-free updates from the developer as usual

Some Tips and Tricks which can be used are

  • Get free extra energy from your friends every day by checking out their walls if they have anything to share
  • Like the Criminal Case official page onb Facebook through the app to earn one time goodies
  • Play a scene and 5 stars are to be taken, then the players can play that scene with 5 stars. Earn 20 XP for each scene and this will help to upgrade levels
  • Have as many teammates as you can, and then they can gift energy points
  • Use 6x and hints bonuses to get more bonuses

How to Play Criminal Case

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